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Everything you should understand before becoming a validator.

Proof of Stake

Lumoz adopts Ethereum2.0.'s proof-of-stake consensus mechanism

For this, we need active participants - known as validators - to propose, verify, and vouch for the validity of blocks. In exchange, honest validators receive financial rewards.

In order to become a validator, you'll need to pledge TestnetMOZ as collateral. In other words, validators are required to have some funds at stake. The only way to become a validator is to make a TestnetMOZ transaction to the deposit contract deployed on Lumoz Chain.

Deposit your Stake

To become a validator on Lumoz, you need to deposit 25000 MOZ for each validator that you wish to run.

Using the terminal

To become a validator, you will need to be able to run commands inside the terminal on your computer. Generating your new key pairs and installing the validator software are both done from the terminal.

Hereby I acknowledge that I am technically capable of setting up and running a validator.